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2014 Malgrat De Mar, BRASIL | Mid October INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL 2014


 Malgrat De Mar, BRASIL 2014
Mid October

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  The task of an international festival, that is led by the company "Monolit Festivals", is to help creative talents to attain popularity and propaganda. It also offers the unique possibility to participate in an international and collaborative program of various artists, to submerge into the atmosphere of national peculiarities and to introduce its own national and cultural traditions of its country.
The participants have the chance to get to know new tendencies and forms of artistic expression, as well as to expand their outlook and to win new friends from other countries, cities and regions.

We look forward to meet you and wish you a lot of success in your performances on different stages of the world! 


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  • The music groups taking part in the Festival have to be of amateur category

  • The groups taking part in the competition should be registered at the Federation or Association of Bands, Marching Bands or Majorettes/Twirling of their own countries. 

  • The groups must send their inscription as soon as possible 

  • The Organization Committee will inform all groups taking part in the competition with sufficient time about the timetable and the schedules for the competition, to be able to book their hotels

  • The order in which the participants will take part in the contest will be decided by the Organization Committee, depending on the practical and logistical criteria. 

  • All the groups taking part in this Festival should accept these basic rules. 

  • The Organization of the Music Festival of Malgrat de Mar reserves the right to carry out any modifications which they deem necessary due to any unforeseen circumstances.

 All participants and visitors of the competition will be provided with:

  • Stay in a 3 stars hotel in Malgrat de Mar. The hotel is located 60 km from Barcelona Airport and 35 km from Girona Airport. It is located in the city centre, 100 meters from the beach.

  • Two times food service (buffet)

  • Festival program and culture program

  • Certificates and prizes offered by the City Hall

  • An official invitation

  • Opportunity to visit the best places in Costa Brava (a big spectrum of excursions is offered for an additional payment)

• The economic prizes of the winners in each group categories and the trophies will be given out by the organization and the jury members of each category.

• The organization can cancel a category, if there are not enough groups in it to compete.

 1º. Prize: 2.500,00 €  
 2º. Prize: 1.750,00 € 
 3º. Prize: 1.000,00 €  
 1º. Prize: 2.500,00 €  
 2º. Prize: 1.750,00 € 
 3º. Prize: 1.000,00 €  
 1º. Prize: 2.500,00 €  
 2º. Prize: 1.750,00 € 
 3º. Prize: 1.000,00 € 

This award is given by vote of the audience in the competition and it is valued with 500€ for each category:  Concert Bands, Marching Bands and Majorettes/Twirling

 You can download the inscription form here:
and send it to the email: 

All those interested to do the booking should directly contact the Organization Committee by e-mail at the following address:

Тel: (0034) 972351437 Mob: (0034) 646069010  E-mail:

For information about Malgrat De Mar Brasil click here

Or Bands may register by  online form  by visiting

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